It is frightening being diagnosed with cancer; and having to face its harsh treatments of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation is physically and psychologically exhausting. Then, there is the financial aspect of your treatment; you not only have to dig deep into your pocket to pay your medical bills, but you also have to ensure your day to day happenings continue with the slightest hitch possible, all this on your pay check. How do you cope and ensure your family is affected in the littlest way possible? This situation is faced by many cancer patients.

Here’s where we come in and with your support we ensure that breast cancer patients receive a percentage off relief from medical bills. Much as it is difficult to quantify the amount of financial expenses that go into ones treatment as treatments vary, patients are relieved and thankful for the support they get.

We work closely with hospitals and social workers who vet and nominate the persons we support.

Make a contribution to our fund today no matter how small, for in Kiswahili (our national language) there is a saying: “Kidogo kidogo hujaza kibaba” translated to mean “a little donation at a time fills the bag”.

The Ruban Rose Foundation is a non-profit organization.

We endeavour to give breast cancer patients Hope and ensure they lead a Dignified life.

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